Well I found this on the web.

There is a great number of people that, for some reason, cause allergic reactions in strangers that just pass by around them.

To know if this is your case just answer the next questions:

– Many people sneeze or cough ONLY when you are near.

– You can not talk with them so long time, because they start feeling uncomfortable with you around.

– The previous facts ruined your social life and made you feel panic about meeting new guys.

If the answer is yes.. you have PATM disease..


I had the same problem also, so I became an specialist on that.. and I think I have the cure!

First of all, it is not that we emit any allergenic agent .. at all.. because people was “allergic” to me even chatting by Skype or talking by cellphone.. etc

So the real problem, is this.. all human beings emit vibrations.. yes  you do, healthy people do, and  sick people also do it.

But the kind of  vibrations of the “PATM diseased” is definitely charged by anxiety..

I know there is millions of anxieties that strangers do not feel..  But our anxiety is different.

Now try to answer this questions also.

1- Are you a very gentle guy? that always thinks about others, or worry for the problems of the world?

2- Are you a very sensitive guy with such a lovely hearth?

3- You, in some point of your life decided to not fight, or generate anger or bad emotions because they were bad for you and/or society.

Well if your answers were yes, yes, yes.. then you have repressed energy.

This means, you gave up your inner strength, to become a “better person”.. THAT IS

The kind of energy that you emit now is different. Because is based in fears, in weakness of spirit, is based on lack of character or even self esteem..  the other million people that have anxiety, has probably stronger spirits (good or evil but stronger)

So in order to HEAL ourselves let’s start to remember  something!

Even Jesus used to get angry right?.. when he threw the merchant’s stuff  in front the synagogue, he was angry..  when he told his apostles, to clean even their sandals from the land of any city that rejects them… he said that also with anger, right?.. when he said to the  fig tree, “You will never give fruits anymore” because he found it empty .. he was definitely angry..

So here we go.. we have a precious spirit inside of us,  its normal nature is strong.. we wasn’t born being fearful right?
when we grew we started changing or nature..  some people became anger monster, yes.. but we did exactly the opposite..
and everything in excess is BAD.

So now that you understood this.. you need to reconciliate yourself with your confidence, with your character, strength and self esteem..

In order to do that..( and you will know you did it! when you stop feeling that anxiety inside.. because you won’t have the kind of vibrations that disturbs others)… try this therapy:

1. Techniques for healing your inner child (they are on internet or YouTube) is important to fix whatever is not allowing you to love yourself and be happy.

2. Try to recover your character, you can get angry.. it is not bad, you only need to learn how to recover yourself from that quickly. But you are gonna learn it trough allowing your self getting angry sometimes.. cast your self.. its not bad to get angry, but its wrong to harm others or let the anger to control us.. but instead of running from it.. just learn how to manage it.

3. Become strong! you need to know and to feel your are strong.. so start doing exercise, train your body and make it strong. Train your soul also, never see yourself again as a victim, NOW you have to start looking at yourself as a powerful person that can TAKE ACTION to defend others, or make this world better..

4. Stop thinking in the Buda or the wisdom of doing nothing.. they in fact were too generous but they did nothing.. and now you are prone to be a generous guy that can not do anything also if you imitate them..  Remember instead Jesus, he is such a good example of a good hearted being, that used to TAKE ACTION with passion and strength.
So be busy as he was, love your commitment on this life as he did, and use your passion!

5. Overcome your fears,  this is kinda the most important and difficult step, but is gonna be easier if you try the other 4 points first. In time you have to do it. Because our real nature is not fearful at all.. so believe in that, practice faith, and in time I am sure you will heal.

Please if that is your case and for some miracle of heaven you found this post and you have this problem also, please leave a comment here and feel free to ask me any question.. I won’t answer with freaky explanations about chakra  or spirits.. I am totally Christian and I will help you with normal wisdom.

God bless you!

Hello dear Reader. I have news for you.
While all that I wrote in this post is really helpful, stil it didn’t have the whole explanation about our “condition”.
Finally I found the whole thing hiden behind PATM. It is related with energies, but is not something that we caused, as I wrote in this post some years ago.
I will explain the roots of this condition in detail in a series of posts, starting with:

1. From Bad Emotions to Illness

Please check the posts and see you there.