Sometimes I wonder if emotions are neccesary to shape a love-relationship. I got so tempted to answet to myself.. “No.. they are not really important, as long as you take care of your happiness and the happiness of your partner”..

In fact I know some long-lasting relationships built in this way… But.. it seems too safe..

When we give our hearts to somebody, when we feel emotions towards someone.. we, somehow, give to this person a key to penetrate in us.. This person now has a power to hurt us, to harm us, if he/she is not considered enought with us.. So this is a scaring power..

Then it is really safe.. to erase the emotions from the formula of love, is just too safe..

Once somebody told me.. “if it is too good, something must be wrong about it..”

The scary side of emotions in the formula of love, is that huge vulnerability. We love our parents, family and friends.. and they can hurt us with just a word or a lack of trust or acceptation… we get that vulnerable towards them just because we gave them our hearts… but is it important to do it? ¡if I will get hurt for sure! Why could it be that important?!

The only answer I could give to myself.. is this..

Because the sense of responsability…

When choosing a partner, we eventually, become one in the flesh thru the union of our bodies… but we also get one as a “family”… our plans are not just our concern anymore.. is something we need to discuss, and even consult.. not 100% our bussines as before..  And with the emotion is just the same.. Our actions doesn’t concern just to us anymore.. they will have a direct effect on our partner also!. So we have this terrible new task… to be careful with what we do with the key that our partner gave us.. And at the same time, to trust he/she will take care of us as well..

“Please take good care of me” is what japaneses say when they start a new relationship.. wow.. they are so wise.. when you put emotions in the formula.. this becomes a new responsability for both in the relationship, ONE responsability, ONE baby, ONE family, for two that now are ONE in the spirit, ONE in the love…

So yeah.. finally for must of us, emotions ends up being an unavoidable bitter-sweet challenge… But the more loving and healthy they are, the more beautiful formula of Love we get in our lifes  😉