Hey guys!

Lately I have been searching on the web, and it seems every time there are more people who realize they have PATM (People Allergic to me), which is a condition that make other persons feel uncomfortable (cough, itch, etc) when we are around! Some of PATMers also say they have TMAU, which is body odor, and as you can guess, most of them believe that their lives are ruined.

Here I just want to share some things that are missing in that fatalistic perspective of “My life is ruined I’m PATMer”:

First of all, not everybody reacts when you are near,  right?
Just some people in some circumstances, especially when we are in a crowd, react. But definitely and by any means (Thanks God) Not everybody do it.  So keep that on mind!

Second, You still are a complete person!
Before and after this strange condition, you have had the same body, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, your 5 senses are still with you, So you are a complete person totally capable of achieving any goal that you want.  I don’t need to remind you that other people (Non Patmers) who suffered accidents or severe diseases and are not this lucky, so do not feel less than before, because I have showed you, you are not.

Third and last point! Your perspective of your situation Matters!
Yeah, your perspective matters a lot, and in ways you may not understand now, that perspective affects you, your environment and the way you live your life. So if you choose a fatalistic perspective of this condition, you won’t be able to enjoy the good that is still there around you.
We have heard it many times, that always looking at the glass as empty, define us as negative persons. So you should start defining yourself as a grateful person who appreciates the treasures of his/her life.
Why not starting trying different angles??? Have you seen X-men?? I am sure when you were kid you thought: “Oh how can they be grumbling that much about their superpowers when they are so cool!!”
Well, that was YOUR PERSPECTIVE. So why not seeing this condition from that innocent angle, as a superpower! That we cannot understand yet, as our knowledge of the material and ethereal world is very limited, but we can just see it in that way, so we can take it for the good side, instead of feeling less than the rest. Because dear, your feeling also Matters.

Feed good feelings inside you, Love more, fear less, beat anxiety, take care of your body, your mind, your sentiments, your superpowers probably have a very good side that you will be able to see just once you clean yourself from bad emotions like sorrow, or anger.

God Bless you!

PS: I know some of us are really depressed about this condition, and once into depression nothing you hear can lift your spirit, even this post. But if this is your case, I just have a strong recommendation for you, which is travelling. Travel to a poor country and join a retreat there. Believe me this is a life changing experience so don’t fear and plan the travel! If you need some advices about where to go, you can contact me to my e-mail: cgonzamun@gmail.com

Hola dear Reader. I have news for you.
Finally I found the whole thing hiden behind PATM.
If I write it straight here, you may not  understand it. So I am explaining it in detail in a series of posts, starting with: