Probably you have already explored the chemical explanation of TMAU (Body odor syndrome). But if you are here, is maybe because the conventional medicine is not working as you expected.
So why not trying the Holistic medicine??

“Illness is the effort that nature makes to heal man. We must not fight against it, but integrate it, understand it and transcend it ”

Enric Corbera.

Every Time I have a sickness (even a cold), I use to visit the Holistic dictionary of all the Illnesses, which is free online but is in spanish, and in this way It really makes me recover so fast of anything, as I can understand the message that my body is trying to tell me, and then finally solve it.
So I took the liberty of translating for you what it says about TMAU., and here it goes.

In general, all the fluids contained in the human body represent my emotions. In this case, an unpleasant body odor is a sign of overflowing bad emotions that I must express rather than keeping everything inside me. This can be irritability, disgust, hatred, frustration, rancor, dislike for a person or situation, etc. This is also a sign of the release of an intense emotion that is connected to the part of the body where the perspiration arrives.
For example, a person who has good body odor usually has good thoughs and is in armony with his environment. It happens that I am a person who received a life with a high spiritual mission, and so emit “smell of sanctity”. You can actually smell as if flower perfumes were emanating from your body. Also, if I read spiritual texts, I am in a state where I am very happy, and I smell like carnation, rose, sandalwood and many other perfumes.
People around may or may not feel the perfume I emit. But there are persons who can even distinguish the smell of different illnesses, as each disease has a particular odor, and a particular color in the magnetic field called the aura.
If the perspiration is abundant, it is a sign that I live a lot of inner nervousness, insecurity or that I have great anguish. I let out of my skin everything that I hold and holds me inside. I must learn to affirm myself and express my feelings both positive and negative to release myself, to leave room for the new and to nurture beautiful thoughts of love.


So there you have it!.
Now try to understand yourself, explore which emotions are behind this illness.
Usually the emotion that the illness cause on you is also the buried emotion behind everything. For example if TMAU cause on you shame, then in a quiet place, being alone, you must let yourself feel that shame and search some events in the past that made you feel a great shame. You probably tried to ignore those feelings without solving them, and now they are so big, that they are trying to be released Through this sickness.
It was an example but the buried emotion can also be guilt, anguish, etc.
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I hope this to be very helpful for you, and if you have any question,  comment or testimonial, just leave it here, because I will answer it very soon. Don’t worry!

Blessings with all my love!!

Cc 🙂