On my previous posts about healing (PATM, TMAU, Agoraphobia), I strongly recommended an Emotional Integration to release some buried bad emotions that may be causing you physical problems. But it would be pointless to try this technique if you don’t have some concepts to understand How bad emotions can affect your body. On this post I will talk about that. It will also introduce you to the whole understanding of Patm.

Let me give you an example:
Everybody knows how difficult is to go on a diet, or following a new exercise routine (everyday) right?. For our mind to take the decision of doing something is very fast. The little voice only says “Ok. I want to look better so I will do it and I will be constant“. But later we start feeling cravings, or laziness, that give us the desire of breaking our own rules.
Then a new little voice appears saying: “But one cake won’t ruin my diet” “If I skip exercise just today, it won’t be a problem“.. Etc
Then let’s add that your mom spent the whole day making a special dinner full of calories, but it’s her birthday, so a little third voice appears.. “Oh mom worked so hard for this.. there is no way I can refuse eating and make her feel sad“.

So why on earth! we have 3 different opinions of what to do in just 1 head????

The answer: because we have different bodies.

The First body: The rational body. Known also as “the mind”, is formed by our logical Intelligence. It’s motto is “Knowledge and pros and cons are enough to take a good decision“.

The Second body: The Emotional body. known as “The heart”, is formed by our emotions. It’s motto is “Feelings are important to take a good decision“.

The Fourth body: The physical body. known also as “The Flesh” is formed by what we see, our skin, muscles, our bones, and also our 5 senses. Sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch. It’s motto is “Senses are the most important to take a decision, as they bring me pleasure, and pleasure is good“.

Now I’m sure you can identify those 3 voices inside your head. And why is that difficult to go on a diet, to do exercise regularly or being in a monogamous relationship Lol.
Also, you probably realized that I skipped The Third Body. This was on purpose. While you can prove what I told you about those 3 bodies, just some people can prove what I am going to say.

The Third body is the spiritual body. Formed by our soul. Known also as the breath of life. It’s motto really depends on our own and unic spiritual beliefs / practices.
This body is at the same time an invisible connection with all the human beings, and can be a connection with unknown spiritual beings, good or evil.
How to know if what I say is real?? Well look around. There are lot’s of news about people who play ouija and get some strange behavior later. Or people who pray faithfully to God and receive or see miracles. I know all this sounds like “Shitty lies” for the rational mind, as there is not knowledge to support these concepts. (That’s why just some people can recognize the Third body). But anyway… let’s satisfy a bit the cravings of your mind for some scientific explanations.

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The atom, the fundamental piece of all matter, is formed by 3 subatomic particles.
In the center or nucleus we find the protons and neutrons, and then, outside moving around the nucleus are the electrons. It means that all the tangible things (matter) are formed by blocks of atoms which are separated by this thin empty space which is an electro-magnetic field created by the electrons being around the nucleus.
Ok, enough of physics.. Let’s say it in simple words..
All tangible beings are formed by tangible stuff “particles” BUT ALSO by INTANGIBLE stuff (the empty space) which is “energy”. And if you are physicist you may feel SO tempted to correct my terms and call “energy” in other scientific ways.. But it is energy in the end..

Just recognizing that you are formed by tangible and intangible pieces, you can see that all the creations in this world are somehow CONECTED by that “invisible-intangible space”.. And if spirits were also some sort of invisible energy.. It means you can connect with them as well. That’s it.

Now.. take your time to digest this information.. what follows will require some more imagination and patience. We are going to look at the correlation between our 4 bodies.

Moving to the world of neuroscience… (yes.. neuroscience… It will be short, don’t worry). Let’s remember what are thoughts, according to the MIT Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty.

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“Thoughts are just electro-chemical reactions. Basically Our brain is formed by trillion of nerve cells or neurons connected between them. When we receive any external stimulation, it triggers an electrical signal which propagates like a wave along cables called axons (part of the neuron connections). When the signal reaches the end of the axon, it causes the release of chemical neurotransmitters. A target neuron responds with its own electrical signal, which, in turn, spreads to other neurons. Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to billions of neurons in several dozen interconnected areas of our brain and we have perceived the external stimulus”.

So, the key words for all this explanation, are Electrical and Chemical. It means, that our intangible but problematic thoughts are just electrical impulses that comes from a source. Sometimes is an external -well known – source as Doctor Elizabeth says, and other times is an inner “nobody knows” source, as the simple mental noise that I described in the examples of the diet.

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So what if I tell you that the inner “nobody knows” source are in reality 4 sources. Your rational, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. All of them with different needs, and sending messages to your brain of what you should do, from their own perspectives.
Okey, science has not arrived this far. So the following theories will be sort of psychological, and mystical to you, but with some scientific explanation.

How on earth those electrical impulses on our brain were created??? Explain me, How those 4 bodies can create them??? I can perceive your doubts up here.

Science has discovered few years ago a protein called TMHS, which particular power is to convert the signals from mechanical sound waves into electrical impulses transmitted to the nervous system. Then again, this let us clear one thing.
There are proteins inside our body that can convert SOUND VIBRATIONS into electrical impulses.
And here is where everything turns mystical.

Yes, sound vibrations. Little tiny vibrations with different frequencies and amplitudes that surround everything in this existence. If we accept that our 4 bodies (the little voices) are made of vibrations, then is easy to understand how they can affect each other and how they can affect us.

From a sound vibration to an electrical wave to a chemical reaction (As said by MIT Dr. Elizabeth) in our boudy. This is how 4 little voices has certainly a GREAT POWER over our whole body and health.


How these vibrations were born?? How their personalities were programmed?? I will explain this to you in the next post.
For now, I wanted to show you the basic knowledge about the 4 bodies and the “vibrations” theory.. (“Give me your good vibes”.. is it familiar to you?)

You are free to search what other bloguers, gurus or spiritual guides say about energies, chakras and healing, BUT while they can manage some concepts very well and it can be beneficial for you, with their other hand they can draw you near the spiritual world, esotericism, black magic and you can end up worshipping a god Elephant and sharing energy with demons. I am very straight and honest with you. I am also Christian, but I won’t push you to follow any Dogma, I will just share what I know about that world, how to heal emotions, and why good spiritual beliefs are important for humans. I performed my own research to understand the link about the spiritual and the tangible world, and while I am sharing some knowledge of the “new age”, not everything that they say or recommend is good, or leads to “enlightenment”.. No no no (it is more the opposite).

Let’s talk more about it in my next post 🙂

Many hugs and blessings for you!


Jesus replied, “‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’
Bible: Matthew 22:37