If you read my previous post, I guess you understand a bit better how thoughts and emotions influence our health by sending electric impulses to the neurons and then producing chemical reactions that affect our whole body.
Still, you may be thinking “Okey.. but you said something about Good spiritual beliefs. How can good spiritual beliefs affect my body????” And that’s exactly the subject of this post!
To understand that, let’s talk first about the origin of evil and all sins- Yes! it is related to our topic –
Let’s say for a moment that what is written in bible is true (If you are not Christian prolly your rational mind may hate this exercise, but I promise it worth it!).
So The first Evil behavior written in bible, was the murder of Abel, perpetrated by his brother Cain. Why this happened??
It is written that Abel was a very skilled shepherd and Cain was a farmer. One day both are called to give a present to God, and Abel offer his best sheep while Cain offer some vegetables. God priced Abel because his present resembled his good job. And looked at Cain’s gift as something not that good. So Cain’s face turned angry. And although God told him to work harder, so he could feel also proud of his job, Cain decided to attack and kill Abel. This is the first killing written in Bible. But Why this happened???

Let’s explore the mind of Cain from the perspective of the 4 bodies. The Rational, Emotional, Spiritual and physical.

First Fact: Abel was priced for his job, while Cain was scolded. So here we can imagine the mental noise inside Cain’s head.

Rational Body – It choose a perspective: My gift was not that good as my brother’s gift.. He was praised while I was scolded… This means that for God I am not as good as my brother.. then He loves more Abel than to me..

Emotional Body – React to the thought: Oh.. Abel is better than me.. It feels terrible..

Physical Body – It hates whatever is not pleasure so it creates resistance to suffering and offers to take any action to avoid sorrow: I don’t like that! I must change that! There must be something I can DO to change that! I don’t want to feel bad at all!

Emotional Body – React to the Physical Body, as a resistance to suffering appeared, then the initial sorrow is turned into Anger: I hate to feel like this! I hate Abel! I hate have being scolded!!

Spiritual Body – A kind of Spirits that are attracted to the feelings of anger start a conversation with Cain: “Your brother is trying to steal your place”.. “He is enjoying that you are seen as a looser”.. “I can hear him laughing now”.. (They enhance the anger as they eat that energy, so the hatred inside Cain grows)..

Physical Body – It decides to take some action to recover his pleasure: I hate Cain, and he has to pay for this… as is his fault….

So that’s it!

If you have seen the example carefully, I am sure you can identify some similar mental noises (not about killing I hope) but maybe about taking some revenge.. that leaded you to do something that you yourself considered morally wrong! Right?
How this started??
First, it was the choice of a very hurtful perspective by your Rational mind. Then a bad feeling was born product of that perspective. Later the 2nd culprit was the resistance to suffer! done by your physical body, which turned a passive emotion (suffering) into and active emotion (Anger).. Here the 3rd culprit appears! This is Not considering forgiveness or compassion (Which are the Universal rules of love in any good spiritual belief – not only Christian).. And that’s how some Bad spirits could speak strong to your head.. and you finished doing something Morally wrong.. Maybe lying.. maybe cheating… maybe hurting somebody, or yourself…

Now did you realize something?? I underlined “resistance to suffer” on purpose. Why this resistance appeared??? How it switched suffer into anger??… The answer is one word.. Pride. Our physical body or flesh, do believes that we can change any situation by our own power by some tangible actions, in this regard, crying like a weak baby is not an option for the flesh, so it offers any other solution based in physical actions over our aggressor, as this actions somehow brings pleasure, then they are right! (Easy motto of the flesh).
But!!! What’s up with the people with strong morals???? Those whose rational mind is very attached to behave in a correct way -Independently of the spiritual believes of the person- What happens here???
Well, a second resistance appears, this time this is useful to stop the physical body from behave bad, to hurt people or do whatever is considered morally wrong,.. But here that initial emotion of sorrow can’t find a way to be released, being in tears or in actions, as we are here already blocking those 2 escapes.. so How on earth is this energy released?????????

—– Thru Sickness—–

Yess dear, “Bad weed never dies”, and is not a joke. People that commit immoral or harmful actions, in someway release their bad emotions .. of course this is the worst we can do, because it doesn’t bring happiness (may bring quick pleasure but later comes the kingdom of unhappiness and spiritual parasitation). Still this is somehow an explanation of why that bad people use to have good health.
By the other hand, we have the moral people. They use to hold the bad emotions inside themselves, and those emotions which are vibrations, end affecting their whole body in the way I explained in the previous post.

Now, you may be thinking.. “So you mean that in order to be healthy I have to behave pitifully to release my bad emotions?????”
The answer is NO. There are other ways.
Buddhist people has found their own way to fight bad emotions, they just release them in meditations, allowing themselves to feel them when they are alone (This is called emotional integration), so they don’t harm anyone and can live in peace. But I have realized that they don’t only release bad emotions thru this practice, they also release the good ones, those emotions that can motivate you, than can make you act with passion, are also released and then you start living as a thing -Asian robot, stone, tree, whatever- instead of a person. So for that reason I don’t recommend this for a happy life.

So, what do I recommend???

If we want to be healthy, and happy, we need Good spiritual beliefs.
By our own means, it is very difficult as humans to get rid of the bad emotions practicing forgiveness and real love. Our rational mind can command us to forgive and love without any spiritual practice, but still we are 4 bodies in one, with very strong voices, so you need to convince them all to feel and act in a correct way.. and that’s, from my view, extremely challenging.
Then, what are the good spiritual beliefs I recommend??? Well, as you know I am Christian, but outside of following the rules of any religion or copy paste their beliefs, What I strongly recommend Is to build a relationship with God. Our spiritual body, will be always bothered for evil spirits around or brought from our past (I will talk about this in my next post), but a good communication with God, can link us to him, and we will feel the protection that can only come from him, the real peace that doesn’t take away our good emotions, our passion, our strength, and that always speak to us to do good, to forgive, to pray for others, and help them. I find this impossible to achieve without a good relationship with God developed by praying. But in case you don’t believe me, on my next post I will explain more about the spiritual world, the unknown spiritual beings that can scam us pretending to be good, -with my own real experience on the deceitful path of the new age some years ago- the only way to God thru his son Jesus Christ, and the real power of prayers.

See you then!

Thank you for coming! and Have a blessed day!

Cc 🙂

PS: I know the purpose of this series of posts is to share with you about healing techniques and release of buried emotions, I haven’t forgotten, but trust me please, everything is linked and I am explaining all in a sequence so you see the connection between all 🙂

Jesus called the crowd to Him and said, “Listen and understand. A man is not defiled by whatenters his mouth, but by what comes out of it”…
“Don’t you see that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then out of the body? But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. These are what defile a person; but eating with unwashed hands does not defile them.”

Bible: Matthew 15:10-11 and 19-20