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This is the third post in this series, and while in the previous one I explained about the 4 little voices that live inside our heads and their great power over our actions and health, this time I will close some loose ends that I left on purpose on my previous posts, talking about my full Experience, as I have never told it before.

For different ancient cultures the whole world and Universe were like a giant watch, with many mechanisms to spin the wheels of everything that surround us. Science try their best to explain rationally all those mysteries but it always ends hitting the walls of the irrational, the miraculous and impossible…  right?

On 2011 I started thinking a lot on the mysteries of Universe. I learned how to read the planets configurations and the Astral-natal Chart of people.  I was so amazed because it used to be very accurate with my friends personalities or even their luck, so the more I confirmed how accurate were my findings, the more I started exploring new ways to know more about the secrets of the Universe, meditations with my mind in blank, visualization of energies, etc.

Resultado de imagen para spiritual guidesFrom some unknown sources I started getting answers of all my questions, when asking in silence during meditation. Also I started watching an small shiny layer of light surrounding everything, people, animals, objects.. I started watching that everything was in reality linked, and the Idea of a Universal God living in every person, created by us, and not the creator of us, got strengthened in my head. About that, many explanations appeared magically like wishpered to me, and I thought I was going in a very good and wise direction.

At some point also, I started having very vivid dreams, specially with a guy I had met in Japan, I could strongly hear his voice in my head, and I could feel his presence up to 500 meters of distance. A psychic ability between this guy and me had born, and I was so excited and surprised. Reading in some web pages that encourage people to meditate and believe in energies, got the explanation that the guy was my soul mate! And it totally had sense!! we had an extreme psychic connexion, we had an intense passion that was very evident with only looking into each other’s eyes and destiny always gathered us in the same places at the same time, when we were not aiming to meet.

In my mind, he was my soul mate, we were linked by the red thread of destiny, and possibly we had been together also in many past lives.. … … and so…  It was okay to allow dirty thoughts of him.. wasn’t it?

I started allowing that kind of thoughts and even having sexual dreams with him.  Okay this part is embarrassing to say, but “Let the truth set you free”..
Slowly, my spiritual practices turned into tantric-psychic practices, and although I was still Christian, I justified myself saying that he was my soul mate and I was loyal to this guy..

How long I continued doing this?? Near 1 year, full of unexplainable, mysterious and intense experiences..
And then what was the result???
The result was Kundalini or the beginning of the aperture of the third eye.

My moods started affecting in different ways people around me, and I started feeling an intense energy in my whole body. I got deeper into more New Age practices, like Yoga, to be able to manage this energy. I practiced different ways for healing my own emotions.. but the results in time showed little improvements. I felt always like losing energy easily and people near me used to feel the same. Then in my head an evil antenna was turned ON, and I started hearing evil voices all the time.. I was officially declaring myself crazy… And my friends and family started noticing it also..  My situation at home got affected, my emotions affected everything, and they were just out of my control.. Like.. Have you seen X-men???? and do you remember the Phoenix??? Well I felt exactly like her!.. Messing up everything that was around me..

After my terrible experiences, I understood that those spiritual gurus that talked about kundalini, karma, soul mates, etc, etc, etc… were partially right, and partially wrong.
Resultado de imagen para gurusWhat they say about this “Blissful achievement” is that your soul connects with the Universe and with the auras of everything, So you have to fight a lot to get rid of all your fears or bad emotions in order to live finally in peace -without affecting others- and ascend to other dimensions… What means, before Kundalini “peace is free”, after kundalini  Peace is some precious gem you have to fight for or you won’t achieve it…  … Wtf!! why on earth do they fight for something that will make you fight more to achieve peace??????? Yup it’s one of the stupid secrets of Universe. Anyway.. Still nobody has never proved they went in a healthy way to other dimensions and came back -being normal-; Instead many of this gurus and guides have ended up crazy and sick.. and I could see myself in that nasty mirror..
So as I was unable to believe 100% on those gurus, I didn’t want to keep practicing Yoga, or blank mind meditation, and I was so lost about everything; then… what do I did? …  I went back to my Christian beliefs. I went back to my old bible, with all that information that for the voices in my mind were just “shitty lies”, “absurd beliefs”, “old-fashioned brainless sayings” etc, etc.  And I re-started reading it, ignoring my critic thoughts..

It was a real fight, I was just trying to recover the precious faith I had lost for those New Age practices that reloaded my mind but took away my initial peace.  I started praying more to God, and reading more the bible; Asking God in the name of Jesus to help me to get rid of that terrible Kundalini.. And slowly, thanks to him I started feeling again everything was on his hands, under his control.. And Everything started to feel more and more peaceful again… (Glory to God!)

Still I hadn’t really figured out the connexion between my previous intense New Age practices and the spiritual world..  Was after I met another guy -who also broke my heart- that I decided to talk more openly about my complex emotional world with my friends, and thanks to one of them, I met a Catholic Charismatic preacher who was organizing retreats for the deliverance by the Holly Spirit — If you wonder what’s this? Search deliverance ministry of the Catholic Church–  There, I felt again very strong the great Love of God for me as when I was child.. I could feel the great power of the Holly Spirit  healing all my previous traumas. And I could see what were bad/evil spirits and even demons.. Yes.. I saw also an exorcism in real life -performed by a Catholic priest whose special gift is to identify bad spirits- .. with the crazy behavior of a poor lady, noises of animals, evil laughs, screams etc etc.. as crazy as it sounds but real.. after finishing the exorcism the priest just said.. “witchcraft is a wide open door for demons”.. somehow I felt so thankful that I didn’t go that far with the New Age stuff…

Okay, up to here, maybe all what I said seems poor evidence to you. But that’s not all.  Some months ago I found a new web page on internet. Another young woman had lived the same experiences I’m telling you, and she had even gathered testimonies of other people who also had had them. (Here her experience in spanish as she is Mexican)

She described the same patterns, she started reading the planets, it followed having an intense attraction to someone, thinking he was her tween flame or soul mate, then hearing the same voices of “spiritual guides”, then the tantric experiences, etc etc.. everything was the same!!. And she also had realized that those were spiritual parasites…. or in my vocabulary.. Evil spirits..

Imagen relacionadaFrom her testimony, the testimonies on her web page and even your experiences on this blog (Because I had already started the PATM posts on 2014), I finally understood it better.
The common point between all of us are emotions.. But not a random bunch of emotions, specifically I have seen 5 specific emotions in many of us the “Patrmers”, that produce a lose of energy in some way.
Then I linked that with those experiences lived on the Catholic Charismatic retreats, where I have seen in person demons casted away of people, or spirits of sicknesses or intense harmful emotions brought out of those guys thru the ministry of deliverance. I myself had lived this experience as I wrote in my post “my healing in the holy spirit“. So everything took finally the following shape, and I will tell it with the wisdom that is well sustained by an old book you know, but just few people can really decipher…. The Bible:

It may be true that the souls are linked and are one, as the New Age beliefs claims, and that God created a system to make all people different but similar at the same time which are related with the planets.. It also can be true that God created a mechanism to punish people who do wrong, or prize those who do well like Karma or Generational Chains.. All this can be true, but…  this 2 ideas are missing for the dear “New Agees”..

1st: Not only You know those hidden secrets… the bad spiritual beings and demons also know it.. and they can use it to their benefit over you..

2nd: It is written in bible many times, God doesn’t like that we poke around his mysteries.. because He wants we to be only dependent on him, and because maybe He knows that we can be easily teased (as I was) by those beings unknown for us.

Then the four voices inside your head are just tiny vibrations, that comes from different sources that God built to make us different, one of that sources can connect us with different spiritual beings.

Demons or fallen angels,  are very attracted to our heavy emotions, or they get some gain with them, because that’s what they search from humans all the time -that and inducing destructive behaviour-. So in order to get the desired emotions, and given that they already have the secret knowledge of the perfect mechanisms made by God in the creation, they use that information to manipulate people or manipulate the circumstances of humans.

Resultado de imagen para demon casted our heavenIt is written in Bible that the king of demons, who is the devil, was cast out of heaven to earth with his angels, and is somehow ruling the earth right now. So I do believe he is smart enough to make us -humans- to behave pitifully with the strong idea in our minds that we are closer to God than ever… that we are excellent persons, and that “if something doesn’t harm nobody and everybody is happy.. then it’s right!“… The devil is veeery smart, so in that way we start allowing pervert thoughts as was my case.. or different insane emotions; and certain bad spirits who are fed of those emotions, stick to you as it happened to me. Then your mind gets more and more attacked with those thoughts, because those parasites want to get fed. In my case it was lust, but there is an evil spirit for every bad emotion.  I.e.:  low self-esteem.. those spirits special talk increase your fear to be rejected, and that fear is also good food for them..
The spirits of depression, which final talk is “your life is nothing… it doesn’t have meaning to keep alive suffering… you should  better kill yourself..”  this kind of spirit is very frequent in countries as Japan and Korea.

For every sickness, there is a bad emotion, your body tries to get rid of it giving you signals thru the symptoms, also in order to push you to heal those emotions.. but if you keep holding them, you can get spiritual parasites, also if you allow practices that were prohibited in Bible, you can attract very faster those spirits or even demons…
Do you remember those commandments in The New Testament??:  “don’t try to communicate with spirits”, “don’t try to read the planets or destiny”, “don’t hold grudges”, “don’t have bad thoughts”, etc etc. Bible doesn’t say the WHY not to do it, but NOW I tell you WHY.  Because doing it, attracts very fast -> demons or fallen angels..  The most common bad thing we do is of course, holding grudges.. but even if you are clean from that, you can also be a channel of the “fake spiritual guides” that  can push you to the prohibited practices easily, so that’s why I do not recommend blank-mind meditation. You end up being parasited by this special “wise spirit”, whose fake facade is an spiritual guide of Universal love. This guy blocks many of your emotions, giving the false sensation of being wiser, but slowly you start accepting weird new ideas (Like nasty philias) and even magical practices that call other more powerful deceiving spirits.. so.. Be aware, “Not everything that shines is spiritual Gold“.

Later, about PATM , I previously said I have seen 5 emotions in many of us the “Patrmers”. This emotions are:

1. Loneliness
2. Sorrow – Caused for some sudden shocking event.
3. Unrequited Love
4. High repressed Sexual Energy
5. Low self – esteem

Those five “emotional ingredientes”, well blended together inside us for some months,  seems like the secret recipe for the aperture of the Third Eye, or pineal gland; which alters our nervous system to sense more and more the whole spiritual world.
In my case I started hearing the voices of those “spiritual guides” who wanted to reveal to me the “mysteries of Universe”, but later I discovered their real face and porpuse.. And how this “Kundalini” thing works…

This “third eye opening”, “Kundalini awakening” or the extra development of our pineal gland, can be seen as if we are given a wire (cable)..  yup! just like a simple wire. As every wire we know, they are made to “transmit” stuff to others, and so, this condition give us the ability to transmit spiritual messages to others.
Now, in which way we transmit an spiritual message??? Well, this is 100% Psychic. Like the 4 little voices I explained you about in a previous post. We can transmit in similar way, little vibrations to others in a psychic plane, so the information reaches its destiny as fast as a wink. Then the problem here, as with any tool we are given, is that the potential of the tool depends on HOW we use it.

As I told you, I started being induced to think about my “twin flame” and allow “tantric-psychic” experiences with a guy… But why????
Well… remember the post PATM1, one of our 4 bodies, is purely spiritual, and can be invaded by spiritual bugs, whose only porpuse is eating your energy and pave the way for a demonic possession on people… Now, while for the evil spirits it’s great to invade 1 normal person… It results being a whole jackpot to invade 1 “Patmer” or “Kundalini Awakened”, as we have the wire to send spiritual info to others…
It means, invading one of us, makes it easier for them to invade others… At least, that would happen if we surrender to their sway.
In my experience, I noticed the Patm effects after allowing dirty thoughts for 1 year. But, I think It already had happened before that, as I already had the “psychic abilities” and what I experienced later was an spiritual parasitation by an spirit of lust, which was attracted by my initial dirty feelings. So, unintentionally I had used wrong the wire I was given. And the concecuences were more devasting for me than it has been for many of you. I didn’t only experienced the coughs, but many other disturbing stuff.. It was a really hard time for me…

But going straight to the coughs, in my opinion, we get them from others near us, by phone calls, or in Skype, because our spiritual energy is not balanced, and we send it to whoever we focuss in; and even if we don’t focuss on people around, there exists people more spiritualy sensitive than the average, that can react to us, by just being around.
So the solution again is getting rid of any buried bad emotion, developing a high self esteem, and having a healthy spiritual life. Do good, think good, feel good always, or at least do your best to keep it in this way.

If our spiritual energy is positive and we keep focussing more in facts instead of worries, we end recovering our peace. But as we were already given the “wire”, is very possible that we suffer by some kind of spiritual disturbance, as we now are more prone to notice the spiritual world that for most of humans is almost non-existent, and also because we have become somehow a “succulent dish” with extra rewards for the evil spirits. Then, we really need to build a Good, strong and positive version of ourselves and to swtich to that mode from now on. Also, give space to “good spiritual beliefs”, don’t get confused. Not everything that seems good, is what will really do good to your spirit.

Well that’s all my testimony and my PATM theory. You can take the best of it, and I hope that includes the 4 following ideas.

  1. Demons exists. 😦 and they are attracted by some magical practices. They can induce terrible craving for crazy stuff and destructive behavior..
  2. Evil spirits exists. 😦 and they are attracted for intense bad emotions. They can sicken the body.. or stay in your blood line thru generational chains  (which sometimes cause terrible illnesses in innocent newborns)…
  3. The Holly Spirit, the love of God also exists. 🙂 And is with everybody who call him with faith in the name of his son Jesus Christ. Only He can clean you from the previous 2, heal you and leave in you a crave for being more loving, honest and pure, like an innocent child.
  4. Patm, is a sort of spiritual awakening, that can make us more transmissive and receptive in the spiritual world. It can be really bothering sometimes, but at the end it can really push us to become great versions of ourselves, in our 4 bodies (if we decide so). So accepting the challenge is a very rewarding option for all of us.

Now I am sure you have a wider view about the spiritual world, and if I’m lucky, you have also a more powerful wisdom.

On my next post, The self-healing.

Have a blessed day!

Ceci 🙂

“Look, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves..”

Bible – Mathew 10:16

14 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. 15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

Bible – Revelations 22: 14-15

13 Then one of the elders asked me, “These in white robes—who are they, and where did they come from?”

14 I answered, “Sir, you know.”

And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15 Therefore,

“they are before the throne of God
    and serve him day and night in his temple;
and he who sits on the throne
    will shelter them with his presence.
16 Never again will they hunger;
    never again will they thirst.
The sun will not beat down on them,
    nor any scorching heat.
17 For the Lamb at the center of the throne
    will be their shepherd;
he will lead them to springs of living water.
    And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

Bible – Revelations 7: 13-17